Buy1 Take1 Anti-acne Pack




“A complete skin-care regimen for Acne prone skin, NISCE SKIN BASICS Anti-Acne contains: 1. Anti-Acne Soap formulated with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Bio-Sulfur that goes deep in the pores to thoroughly cleanse the skin and helps remove dead skin cells to unclog pores; 2. Anti-Acne Toner that helps remove dead skin cells and contains Aluminum Chlorohydrate to reduce pore size; and 3. Anti-Acne Gel for targeted treatment of pimples through 9 plant extracts that treat sebaceous glands, remove acne-triggering bacteria, and reduce redness and inflammation.

Start by cleansing your skin with Anti-Acne Soap: place the bar in your palm and place dispensed product on the face; massage the face in a circular motion using the fingertips. After cleansing, gently pat the skin dry and apply Anti-Acne Toner gently to skin. Finish with Anti-Acne Gel: put small dots on the troubled area, and tap with fingertips gently.

Product inclusion: 1 NSB Anti-Acne Soap 100g; 1 NSB Anti-Acne Toner 100mL; 1 NSB Anti-Acne Gel 35mL”



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